Atul and his family shared the same dream of promoting and spreading quality education – the kind of education that will go beyond textbooks and theories and give students practical experience in the field. Being residents of North Bengal, the father and son duo aspired to bring quality education to the locals who still had lesser exposure to opportunities of higher education before the year 2015. His father, a natural philanthropist, was already a part of many K2 schools in and around Siliguri. This time the family wanted to go beyond K2, and so was born the idea of the ravishing ‘Inspiria Knowledge Campus’.


Once the lack of quality higher education for students in Siliguri was identified in 2010, there was no looking back. The family bought a property and the construction of a brand-new educational institute was started amidst the lush green of the Himalayan mountain range. 4 years went by, every brick was placed with care, every corner checked, every loophole assessed and attended, every opportunity grabbed, and Inspiria Knowledge Campus was ready to house its first batch of students in 2015.

The motto of Inspiria is one – to bridge the industry and academia gap. Atul always believes that unemployability is a greater threat than unemployment. Inspiria Knowledge Campus was built with the mission of eradicating this evil and preparing its students with hands-on skills that would equip them with the attributes required for employment. Where bookish knowledge is irreplaceable, practical, and technical efficiency in the chosen discipline is the weapon for success.

A great vision and honest efforts always pay off. Inspiria started with only 100 students in 2015. In 2020, the student strength has increased by leaps and bounds and gone up to 850! The present scenario is suggestive that Inspiria will be able to prepare more than 2000 students under its umbrella in the next 3 years.