Atul Gupta Marathon

One of Atul Gupta’s favorite sporting activities have always been running and he decided to use this very activity to not only make the ones around him physically fit, but also use the same for a greater purpose.

Atul Gupta is a member at Round Table India, a non-profit organization that works towards bringing betterment in the society and empowering the country through serving the underprivileged in various ways. One of its flagship fundraising events is Run for Education – a city-renowned half marathon event in Kolkata that supports the education of underprivileged children in and around West Bengal by building schools and supporting education for them.

An active member of the organization, Atul has served as the Race Director of this half marathon.

Airtel Run for Education-Atul Gupta

Marathon Achievement

Atul Gupta has also been a proud race finisher at various prestigious marathon events. Check out his achievements here