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Atul’s Journey so far...

Transforming Businesses with Smart Digital Commerce Solutions - InSync

“Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” - Martin Luther King

Atul Gupta always had the hunger of developing a product that would ensure seamless integrations and would transform the functions of the e-commerce world. As he took a step further towards fulfilling this dream, in 2005, he decided to venture into the IT world of Kolkata and focus and expand Atul Fin-Verse Ltd., an organization that already existed under him. This very organization, which initially started with 3 people in a group is what we now call InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd.  

With the want to establish themselves all over India as they started out, their proficiency in providing ERP solutions and custom applications bought waves of accomplishments and marked a 100% success rate over the next three years.  

With an accomplishment of 450+ projects in their bag, an expansion in their working space and an increase in the number of meetings and projects, there was no looking back. With sheer dedication and determination, Atul decided to advance InSync’s journey which lead to the birth of a new product, SBOeCONNECT followed by the launch of NAVeCONNECT in the same year. These two products were designed to integrate leading ERP solutions, namely SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics NAV with a popular Ecommerce platform – Magento. 

Soon, InSync became a leading player in the integration domain and gradually gained expertise in integrating various other business application. This led to the birth of APPSeCONNECT, InSync’s flagship product and the technological amalgamation of both SBOeCONNECT and NAVeCONNECT. It is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) capable of connecting various applications (cloud and on-premise), technologies, data sources and automating business processes under one single platform.

With the motto of “We Connect, You Grow” at InSync, Atul achieved a customer base of over 1000 businesses in more than 75 countries and acquired with 150+ partners across the globe.   

Apart from an integration solution, InSync has also managed to conquer the B2B e-commerce space with a feature-rich solution like B2BeCONNECT. This solution has managed to breakthrough by being equipped with offerings that a B2B seller can wish for, to delight a business buyer.  

The journey of Atul and InSync has been full of ups, downs, success, patience, and perseverance. All these factors have equally contributed towards building InSync, piece by piece, and bringing them where they are today and where they will go tomorrow. Atul and his team at InSync strongly believes that connections are the way to grow and hence the organization continues to build powerful and long-lasting connections between applications, data, technologies, businesses and most importantly, people!   

Making the Youth “Employable” – Inspiria Knowledge Campus

“Much education today is monumentally ineffective. All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants.” - John W. Gardner

Atul decided to make his venture into the world of education with the belief and mission of making the youth “employable”. His motive of providing the kind of education that goes beyond books, led to the establishment of a brand-new institute of education- Inspiria Knowledge Campus.   


Inspiria is a higher education college in Siliguri, West Bengal built with the objective to “make the youth employable” and inspire them to achieve. The magnificent 5-acre campus is set up with state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipped to bring the best out of the students! It also has an incubation facility for startups, providing a platform for young entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams! With the concern that “unemployability” is a bigger issue than “unemployment”, Inspiria aims at equipping its students with the best practical knowledge and skills that will help them in tackling the challenges of the competitive and “real” job-world! Inspiria’s motive is to bridge the gap between the academia and industry. 

As the Managing Trustee of Inspiria, Atul put his heart and soul into turning this educational dream nurtured by him and his father into success. Inspiria started out with 100 students in 2015 and now in the year 2020, consists of over 900 students and there is no looking back from here!  

Connections Matter – Other Associations



Recently, Atul has become a board member of the non-profit organization TiE Kolkata, the objective of the organisation is Fostering Entrepreneurship. Being an integral part of TiE Kolkata, he sees immense potential for entrepreneurship in East India, within the next five years. Through TiE, he strives to create a positive ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts by investing in early-stage startups and bringing our the best in them through interactions and mentorship.

With his visionary approach, Atul along with TiE Kolkata is putting in immense work for collectively achieving TiE’s mission of fostering entrepreneurship, through mentoring, networking and education.



Atul has always had a keen interest in creating a space to bridge the gap between the industry and students and at the same time provide the young minds a podium to showcase their innovative ideas. Being a member of the NASSCOM for several years and the Chairman of NASSCOM Eastern Region Product Council for a couple of years, Atul played an active role in building industry-academia relationship during this phase and beyond. He is very keen and passionate about encouraging student entrepreneurship and took up the initiative of organizing the NASSCOM Education Summit and NASSCOM Tech Conclave in Kolkata and Siliguri, in partnership with NASSCOM.


The series of events were aimed to give a platform to students to interact with the industry experts and thought leaders, learn about the latest industry trends and share their business ideas as well.


Atul is a health and fitness enthusiast and believes encourages his teams and associates in taking part in various health and wellness initiatives. He played a major role in organizing a fundraising sporting event, Airtel Run for Education Marathon in Kolkata for over 5 years, in partnership with Round Table India which aims to provide education to underprivileged children. The proceeds from the same were donated towards building schools and fostering education in Bengal.

Atul and his team at Inspiria also organizes Youth Run in Siliguri, which is aimed at aimed at helping and educating someone to build their career as well as encouraging the youth to be active.

Being a sports enthusiast himself, this event is significant for him as it allows him to spread awareness regarding the importance of fitness and staying healthy as well as impart education to the lesser fortunate kids of the country. Atul also introduces many a health and wellness initiatives within his organizations, to provisions for his teams to follow basic fitness regimes to stay fit, healthy, and productive.

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