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Computers was my childhood love which was nurtured at the age of 15 when I scored the highest marks in computer science in my 10th board exam. I left the school St. Joseph’s College (Allahabad) and friends and moved to a school in Delhi because our school in Allahabad was not offering Computers as a subject in 11th & 12th. At Delhi I met a computer geek named Jubal, a friend who has helped us realize how little we knew about computers.

I completed my engineering in 2001 from Bangalore. It wasn’t a good time to graduate as most of the job offers were on hold. I joined SP Jain, Mumbai  just to get an opportunity to work in the industry. During that time, few friends had started an IT services business in Bangalore. I visited and saw that their major challenge was to source projects. I wanted to join their company as a co-founder and source projects for them. I tried doing some sales call in Bangalore / Mumbai but it was not easy. I realized that sourcing projects was the key. So I dropped out of SP Jain and went to the kingdom of Bhutan (a place where I was born and brought up) to source projects. Since then, I had started two software service businesses and closed both before I found my niche in InSync the product company.

I founded InSync in the year 2005 as a software services company and for the initial 4 years we did everything that we came across. We were similar to so many other companies in the market providing services and solutions to every customer and every need. We thought we did well.  We ended up having approx. 450 customers.  Then came the challenges of a typical service company in supporting this customer base that we had created, as each solution that we had given needed a unique expertise. Our limited resources and bandwidth was divided and the business ran without any direction.

We learnt that we had to target a niche market and focus on something which is repeatable. We looked at all the projects that we had done to identify a potential product. We had multiple options.

During our engagement with all these customers we realized that eCommerce was one solution which was gaining traction and the industry recognized us as an expert in this space. During this time we picked up one project where we did a turnkey SAP Implementation along with an Integrated eCommerce storefront. We got our product idea from this project made a video presentation shared it with our target market. We started getting enquires which soon converted into orders. We continued to allocate more resources to the product and started focusing on the product.

Our goal is to build an Integration product company and have 3000 customers using our product in 3 years. That’s where we want to go from here with InSync.

My Father is an Entrepreneur, he also runs a k-12 school for the last 30 years. He always wanted to do an education project and got an opportunity to do it in Siliguri in the 2010. He took me onboard to help him in the project and thus Inspiria Knowledge Campus was conceived. We questioned ourselves at the start of the project that is “there a need for more k12 schools in this region” vs “there a need for a higher education institute”. We took the decision looking at the need for this region to have a higher education institute and not add to the already so many k12 schools.

Lot of people think that it is foolish to invest in a higher education institute, given the fact that our chairman is running a K12 School for last 30 years and everyone in this region believes that schools are money spinners.  But we are here to address a problem, we are here to be a contributor to the solution.

Today after 4 years of planning and nonstop work we are in a position to launch the institute. This campus is a 10 minutes’ walk from city center mall Siliguri spread over 5 acres of land, this location is ideal for an education institutes as it is close to the urban mall culture and at the same time, placed amongst lush green and clean surrounding, away from the urban noise making it a suitable place for people to innovate and change the world. This project has just started and our goal is to make youth employable in a scale which can create an impact.

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