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Atul’s Initiative Towards Being Physically Fit

While mental health is important to achieve one’s goals, being physically fit is equally important towards reaching success and Atul couldn’t agree more with the same. One of his favorite sporting activities have always been running and he decided to use this very activity to not only make the ones around him physically fit, but also use the same for a greater purpose.

Airtel Run for Education-Atul Gupta

Airtel Run for Education

Atul Gupta is a member at Round Table India, a non-profit organization that works towards bringing betterment in the society and empowering the country through serving the underprivileged in various ways. One of its flagship fundraising events is Run for Education – a city-renowned half marathon event in Kolkata that supports the education of underprivileged children in and around West Bengal by building schools and supporting education for them.

An active member of the organization, Atul has served as the Race Director of this half marathon event for the last couple of years and InSync has participated as a supporting member with exceptional enthusiasm since the event’s inception in 2015.

A fitness enthusiast himself, being a part of the Run for Education is a very personal initiative for Atul as it gives him to serve the society through creating awareness for both fitness, and the need for educating the lesser fortunate kids of the country.

At InSync also, Atul has made provisions for his employees to follow a basic fitness regime to keep them fit, healthy, and productive. Under the health and wellness initiative by the company, employees are given regular free-hand exercise breaks under the invigilation of a fitness instructor. Atul even encourages all his employees to participate in the Run for Education every year not only to facilitate education for the poor, but also for the best interest of his employee’s personal health benefits. Not to mention, his employees are always appreciative and enthusiastic about every endeavor their leader takes!

Bringing diversity in the workforce is another aspect that Atul has embraced as a part of the business structure. Diversity and inclusion can fuel an organization’s growth to a great extent, and Atul has proved it over the years.

youth-run-Atul Gupta

Siliguri Youth Run

Resonating with the cause of his association in the Run for Education in Kolkata, Atul laid the pathway of a similar event in Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri – the educational institute where he serves as a Managing Trustee.

The Youth Run was first introduced in Inspiria in the year 2018 to raise funds for supporting education for the ones in need. The noble cause of the event and the energy that the event builds up has led to many people coming forward and making the run a success from the inception year itself. The steep jump in the number of participants in the 2019 edition (2nd edition) of the event has further motivated the organization and the residents of Siliguri to keep up the spirits and make the Youth Run the biggest running event of the area.

Atul and Inspiria are totally positive about the impact that the Youth Run has had and will continue to have in the lives of its participants. After all, taking care of personal fitness by taking care of someone else’s future is a noble cause to indulge in.