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NATURE BOOKS by Inspiria

Atul was born and brought up in Northeast India. The place stands as one of the most attractive tourist spots of Southeast Asia with visitors from the whole world coming in to enjoy its beauty and experience its purity. At Inspiria, it was realized that there was never proper photographic documentation done of this serene beauty of the North East, and the world was unaware of many of the fun facts about the region. So Inspiria took an initiative to list down “1001 things about North Bengal, North East India and Bhutan”.

1001 things-Darjeeling Himalayan Railway


This initiative gives photographers an opportunity to showcase their expertise by capturing the life, geography or beauty of this region through their cameras, and Inspiria would publish their photographs with due credit. Some of this has already been achieved through the first coffee table book published under 1001 Things, namely, The North Bengal Explorea.


The North Bengal Explorea is a photographic storytelling of the hidden beauty of North Bengal. The region still has many unexplored areas that hold secrets of beauty, peace, and adventure. A perfect guidebook for travelers who are interested in exploring the unexplored, Explorea offers a wide range of information on each of its destinations including itinerary, best routes, local habits, things to do, and others.

This book was launched at the NASSCOM International SME Conclave by the likes of Dr. Amit Mitra, Minister in Charge Finance, Industry, Commerce, IT Government of West Bengal, Dr. Rohini Sirvathsa, CTO, Microsoft India as well as various dignitaries who graced the event.

NISC book launch photo

North Bengal Explorea was also presented to our Hon. Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi Ji.





Today, environmental sustainability has become an issue that must be addressed towards ensuring that we leave a healthy Earth for our future generations. Atul, in association with Inspiria Knowledge Campus, launched the Inspiria Greenbook, which showcases the beautiful and extravagant variety of exotic flora that blooms in their campus. It is a part of Inspiria’s initiative towards improving and promoting an environmentally sustainable campus and lifestyle. The book stands as an example of the eco-friendly method adopted by the campus to have a greener, healthy and pollution-free habitat.

This initiative of ecological sustainable was started even before the campus was inaugurated, and today, after years of effort, Inspiria boasts of having one of the most beautiful, modern, healthy, and environmentally fit campus and the Greenbook stands as a testament of the effort put in by Atul and Inspiria towards providing an excellent and eco-friendly learning space for its students.

Inspiria Green Book-download a copy