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NASSCOM has acted as a platform to foster entrepreneurship across the country and Atul, holding the position of the East India Product Council used this opportunity to further this very cause. Being an entrepreneur himself, he always wished to give the youth an experience of what it’s like to work in the industry as well as giving them an opportunity to showcase their platform.

With this motive, he organized the NASSCOM Education Summit and channelized his vision of motivating and helping young entrepreneurs and showcase their innovation as well as interact with industry experts. 1000+ students across institutions in Kolkata were presented with the opportunity to meet, network with, and learn from industry experts at the NASSCOM Education Summit 2014. The main objectives of the event were:

The various interactive workshops, competitions, and activities made the event a huge success and received an overwhelming response from students, mentors, and the whole educational fraternity. With the wish to make this event an annual property of NASSCOM, Atul and the organization constantly encourage more and more students and educational institutions to participate in such events.

 NASSCOM e Summit

In his journey of progressing the IT and software industry of eastern India through his association with NASSCOM, Atul took up a key role in organizing the NASSCOM TechConclave, 2015 in Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri. The conclave presented an opportunity for students and young professionals for career makeovers and interaction with eminent persons from the field of Information Technology. The coding competition held in the TechConclave with a strength of 40 competitors was one of the biggest attractions of the event. Atul, in his quest to encourage the deserving winner, had also gone ahead to immediately offer him a job at InSync.