Building Innovative Technology Solutions and Bridging the Gap between the Industry and Education Sectors.

I am the founder and CEO of InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd., an organization aimed at digitally transforming businesses across the globe and making them more efficient. As I started out my entrepreneurial career in 2003, my vision of transforming the way businesses operate gave birth to Digital Commerce and Business Automation Products like APPSeCONNECT and INSYNC Commerce, which efficiently automate and streamline business processes, and have helped over thousand businesses across the world by acting as a catalyst for their growth.

Apart from being a tech-entrepreneur, I am the Managing Trustee of Inspiria Knowledge Campus, an educational institution blooming with the vision to make the youth employable. This grand 5-acre campus is in Siliguri, West Bengal and is an incubation hub for start-ups as well.

What I care About


I believe Connections are the way to grow and achieve prosperity. A socially and digitally connected society is one that ensures sustainability. In the digitally transforming world, it is important that not only people but also businesses, applications, technologies and data are connected.


Innovative technology is fueling the global digital transformation process and I believe the right solutions can help you skyrocket your business. Technological advancements are soaring high. It is time we invest in the digital and technological sectors to build a stronger ecosystem.


Education is where everything begins. I believe in equipping the youth with accurate and appropriate knowledge by investing in best-in-class educational facilities. With this, I hope to build a future society that is skilled and well-versed.


My motto is to bridge the gap between academics and the industry. I believe that unemployability is a greater threat than unemployment and I want to provide hands-on experience to aspirants and equip them with attributes to secure employment. In my opinion, practical and technical training is a tool for success.


No matter how much we care about what we have built, we always have to care about what built us! Being a big fan of mother Nature and this ecosystem, I believe in maintaining this priceless haven to its most suitable condition. I hope with little endeavors, day in and day out, we can make a change in this world one day, that we want to see. I encourage people to explore the unexplored by documenting and telling stories about beautiful getaways, amazing travel destinations and Nature's hidden treasures.


A healthy society is nothing without healthy citizens. Being a fitness enthusiast myself, I believe in the well-being of the mental as well as the physical health of individuals. Through various health and wellness initiatives, I urge my friends and associates to involve themselves in trial runs, marathons, hikes, fitness regimes, etc. to maintain good health and productivity.

My Initiatives

Digital Commerce Solutions

Digitally transforming modern-day organizations and amplify their growth with the help of a wide range of solutions. At InSync, we design, develop and integrate digital commerce solutions that help businesses improve efficiency.

Run for Education Marathon

The Biggest Marathon in Kolkata - RUN-FOR-EDUCATION is a fundraising sporting event aimed to provide education to underprivileged children and encourage awareness on health and fitness as well.

1001 Things

An initiative to explore 1001 destinations, facts, inspiration and things-to-do in and around North Bengal, Northeast, and Bhutan through exclusive photographic and textual documentation.

North Bengal Explorea

North Bengal Explorea

North Bengal Explorea is a book that instills an experience that every traveller yearns for. With photographs depicting the spectacular landscapes covering 27 captivating locations of North Bengal, this book provides a detailed information about each place with interesting facts and figures. A traveller's guide in true sense!

Youth Run

#InspiriaYouthRun, organized by Inspiria Knowledge Campus is aimed at helping and educating someone to build their career and encouraging the youth to be active. This run is high on energy and the track witnesses the scenic views, greenery and glimpses of the mountain ranges in Siliguri.



InnoWheels is an initiative born with the thought of ‘giving back to the community’. It is a first-of-its-kind action in the field of bicycle-riding in North Bengal. Driven with the goal of revitalizing the love for bicycle riding, InnoWheels serves as a platform for many riders who have buried their passion for cycling and encourages more and more individuals to adopt this cleaner and safer route to life!

A College that Inspires You To Achieve - Inspiria

Providing an environment where students get to learn from experts with hands-on training and industry insights and can carry out their role in any field with success and efficiency.

Do What You Love

A campaign to provide the right kind of guidance to students and help them chose the most optimal career path. The aim of the campaign is to understand students' interests and passion and taking that into account, suggest a plethora of career options suitable for them.


NASSCOM Education Summit

Focusing on Education, Employability and Entrepreneurship, this summit acted as a platform to create opportunities for students to listen, participate and actively engage themselves with the iconic people and thought leaders of the industry.

10 Employability Skills - Do-o-Pedia

Employers are often looking for skills that go beyond qualifications and experience. Employability skills are those skills necessary for getting, keeping and being successful in a job. This campaign was aimed at creating resources that talk about the 10 Employability Skills that essential for achieving success in career!

Green Book by Inspiria

Encyclopedia of the floral world at Inspiria. Inspiria Green Book unfolds a world of greenery thriving at the campus premises. The book illustrates a large variety of exotic flora cultivated in the campus gardens. The aim is to facilitate learning in an environmentally sustained ambiance.

My Journey & My Passion

I believe, passionate businessmen love what they do and this was no different for me. I started my first venture with the motive of bridging the gap between technology and society. Being attracted to the technology sector since always, I aim to provide smart digital solutions to businesses that impact and transform the way we work. My constant approach is to create a congenial work environment that helps us bring out optimum efficiency and productivity. What keeps me going is my vision to digitally equip this ecosystem with solutions that facilitate growth.


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Connections Matter

He is a true Techno Marketing Person I have met, one who has a blend of marketing and at the same time possess excellent knowledge about the technical aspect...
Rahul Mohata-COO at Ideal Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd
Rahul Mohata
COO at Ideal Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd
Atul is really a Tech savvy Guy , running a Professionally managed buisness which is growing ever since i have known him , infact all my web & SAP buisness including my Dynamic Portal is all created and managed by him . He and his team have been delivering and quite capable of taking on complex projects . I wish him all the best ...
Founder, Chief Editor & Publisher at Exhibit Group & BBC TopGear India
Ramesh Somani
Founder, Chief Editor & Publisher at Exhibit Group & BBC TopGear India

Let's Connect

If you need any help with your business, or book a session with me or book me for speaking at your event, please feel free to connect!I prefer LinkedIn messages. You can also email me at atul@insync.co.in​